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To facilitate the search process on legal documents in English, there are two ways to choose: Simple Search and Advanced Search.

- Select All for all the available information and fields.
- Select Content for the purpose on searching by document’s content.
- Select Number for the purpose on searching by official number.
Feel free to fill with the information related to the options you have chosen above. Click on Search for report on search results.


To be able to view legal documents in English, all search fields have been selected in advance. Please browse all the search fields listed in the box in the drop-down direction, then click on “Search” for report of search results. Note that this searching form is not compulsory to fill in all the fields.


To enable you to view the legal documents related to one problem, the keywords has been pre-selected.

For example, if you want to find legal documents related to the same problem in Finance – Banking, please fill keywords (both in the sections: Simple Search and Advanced Search) related to this category such as: finance; banking, credit, interest, loan, banking institution and so on in the search field. And then fill and select other search fields as in the fields below for the further exact searches, feel free to skip any search fields if they are not available and click on “Search” for report of search results.


In the case that the exact official number is know (Ex: Decision No. 69/2000/QD-TTg), Just fill this number in the search field “Official number”. Then click on “Search” for report of search results. Note that all other search fields and information can be skipped if not available


To facilitate the process in viewing Vietnam legal documents in English, the date field and issuing date have been pre-selected. As finding the legal documents that you know exactly issuing date, please fill the same dated in the attributes “From dated” and “To date” due to the order DD/MM/YY, date January 29, 2010 for example, you can fill 29/01/2010 in both search options “From date” and “To date” as following:


Otherwise, fill the period of time in the search box to view all the legal documents issued in that phase.

Note: Click on Calendar Symbol to view the convenient calendar facility


To make possible to view a selection on legal documents in the same type, the legislation type search has to be selected in advance. Feel free to scroll the Legislation type search list in the drop-down direction.

For all the documents having information on issuing date, legislation type, issuing body, signer or all, please fill information in one or more search fields in Advanced Search. And then you can skip the remains and click on “Search” for report of search results.

Note: The search fields: Issuing body and Singer can follow the same search steps as Legislation type


To make possible to view all the legal documents in one category, the category search has been pre-selected. Feel free to browse all the category options in the drop-down list. If you want to find legal documents in one category (Ex: Investment), you can choose the category ‘Investment’ in the list and other fields such as Legislation type, Issuing body, Signer and Issuing date if available. Finally click on “Search” for report of search results.

In other ways, you can browse the title “SEARCH BY CATEGORY”,

Fill other information in blank fields and select one or more search fields like Legislation type or issuing body if available. And then you can skip the remains and click on “Search” for report of search results.

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