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A. Document managent due to personal use
1. My documents: Manage interested documents, categories, attributes…manage transaction history, message, account information...
2. Profile: The function of profile helps users to use the service easily and systematically and manage documents in accordance with personal demands, support with interested documents, effect status, Vietnam Standards, local legal documents in timely and effective way
3. Information of new policies due to interested documents
4. Receive new legal updates due to interested categories
B. Search all the contents of Legal Documents
1. Search all legal documents issued from 1945 to now (Vietnamese)
2. Search legal documents due to Categories, Industries
3. Search legal documents due to Ministries, Industries, Localities
4. Search consolidated documents
5. Online supports
6. Search all English translations for reference
7. Search all English translations of Official Gazette
C. Benefits in searching documents
1. See all document's contents
2. Document's attributes
3. Document's summaries
4. Maps to show document position in the relation with related documents
5. Related documents
6. Download Vietnamese documents (.doc, .pdf)
7. Download English translations for reference (.doc)
8. Download the translations of Official Gazette (.pdf)
D. Search document's effective status
1. Time of application
2. Effective status (Effective, Expire, Amended, Non-defined…)
3. Documents for replacement, amendment and supplement
4. Receive notices when documents are amended or expired
E. Weekly/Monthly Legal Updates (Email)
1. Receive Legal Updates due to interested categories
2. Receive Legal Document Updates in English
3. Receive the List of General Legal Updates
4. Receive Effective Legal Updates
5. Receive New Legal Updates
F. Legal Information
1. Brief of new daily policies
2. Legal News
G. Vietnam Standards (TCVN)
H. Support with legal information
I. Online Supports (chat, hotline)
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