Advanced Package


1. No advertisement

2. Document searching utility

- To see full text of the document

- Attribute of documents

- Summary of documents

- Related documents

- Map of documents

3. To see Content Instruction

- Specific notification for any change in Articles or Clauses of the document such as: Amendment, Supplement, Replace, Repeal, Correction

- Specific notification for changes in content of the document caused by others

4. To see the MIX content

- Summary of regulations in force of the original document and its amending, supplementing, correcting documents...

- Summary of law provisions in force related to scope of regulation and subjects of application of the document

5. Timeline MIX: To see the list of MIX contents when the new document affects to current viewed document..

6. Download legal documents:

- Download legal documents in Vietnamese (.doc, .pdf)

- Download the reference English version for legal documents(.doc, .pdf)

- Download Official Gazette of Vietnam News Agency(.pdf)

7. To see the validity status of documents

- Effective date

- Validity status (In forced, Expired, Part Expired, Amended; Undefined...)

- To receive notification when content of the document be affected and changed

8. Account management:

- Saved documents


- Query management

- To set up for receiving legal document updates.

9. Personal interface (My LuatVietnam):

- To personalize user interface (have profile picture, cover photo)

- Only show documents related to user’s demand (Categories, Localities)

- To manage user personal information, saved documents, follow documents, and receive legal document updates

- To change, update interested documents by categories, localities easily

10. To search legal documents

- To search legal documents issued from 1945 (in Vietnamese) on the website

- To search documents by Categories

- To search documents by Issuing bodies

- To search Consolidate documents 

- To search the reference English version for legal documents

- To search Official Gazette of Vietnam News Agency

11. To receive legal document updates:

- Legal Document Updates (in English)

- Legal Document Updates (in Vietnamese)

- Effective Legal Updates

- Updates in interested categories

- Monthly Legal News Updates

12. Lawyer consultation

- To search in the query library

- Ask for legal consultation

- Search in the Lawyers/lawyer offices directory

13. To be supported in searching for legal documents

Unit price: VND
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24 months
36 months
48 months
60 months
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Advanced Package3 users328.0001.968.0003.739.2007.281.60010.627.20013.776.00016.728.000
Advanced Package5 users556.0003.336.0006.338.40012.343.20018.014.40023.352.00028.356.000
Advanced Package10 users858.0005.148.0009.781.20019.047.60027.799.20036.036.00043.758.000
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* These above softwares are not subject to VAT 

* Minimum payment for 6 months

* The Quotation is applied from July 15, 2018

Means of payment:
1. Online Payment (High priority)
In case clients make the payment via online payment gates, please click here to see the guidance.
2. Other payments
Type of paymentInfomation
Banking Transfer

- Account number: 0451000475999 at Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Thanh Cong Branch, Hanoi 
Content: Fee for searching service on - Account: .... (User name registered and subscribed in LuatVietnam’s website)

(If pay via I-Banking, please select transfer fee paid by sender).

By cash

Direct payments shall be made in the following addresses:
- At Hanoi:

Vietnam Law Communications Joint Stock Company
2rd Floor, IC Building, No. 82 - Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Mobile: 0938 36 1919
- At Ho Chi Minh City:

5th Floor, Orchard Parkview Building, No. 130-132 Hong Ha, Ward No. 09, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Mobile: (028).39950724 - (028).39950262 - Fax: (028).39950727

* Notes: 
- Would you please choose the section: transfer fee paid by sender when making payment by “I-Banking”.
- Scans of Payment Order, Draft Budget Estimates or ATM Transfer Receipt and user name should be sent via email to use the service immediately.